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Esperance Design Trip Bali January 2020

Esperance Design Trip Bali January 2020

I thought i would fill you all in on my latest design trip. As most of you know all Anna Design jewellery is concieved in Australia and handcrafted in Bali. I handpick all of the gems to make sure you are getting high quality stones  which set off all my pieces. When we arrived in Bali it was the weekend and  It rained for the two days we were there, and we spent the time catching up on reading and lazing around. These two days were perfect before going  straight into meetings and gem shopping. After a quick lunch at Dahana (a favourite japanese restaurant of ours and one we visit each time) it was off to check into the villa, go over our lists, and get ready for gem shopping the next day.

After an early in villa breakfast we set off to purchase all the gems we would need to create the new range. Gem shopping is not as easy as you would think, there are certain sizes, certain shapes and the colour is important. I think our first visit we spent 3 hours making sure each gem was just right.

Then off to meet with the manufacturers who  spend the time going over each design to make sure everyone is  on the same page, answering all questions, asking lots of questions and making any last minute changes.

We would end up doing this for a few days in a row to make surel we were 100% happy with the designs. Its a process for sure, but the office we sit in is overlooking the most beautiful green rice paddies and is serenely beautiful. Manufacturing meetings were followed by lunch before heading back to the Villa. 

The next phase of waiting for and receiving the samples is always exciting and with the Winter 2020 Esperance Range we could not be happier. It is beyond beautiful and I am in love with each and every piece. Watching a piece created from design to conception is always amazing and i already have Summer 2020 designs in my head ready, to be created. 

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