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Anna Design Jewellery draws on the passion and deep understanding of its founder, Anna Hookway, in crafting unique pieces inspired in concept and form by nature. Through travelling the world and sharing in different cultures, Anna has an appreciation for the power of nature to unite all people. It is these experiences, and this power, that is imbued within each piece.

Every collection seeks to enable the wearer to be one with nature and to be one with all. Anna Hookway has been making jewellery for over fifteen years and comes from a strong lineage of fashion accessories designers. Having initially begun her foray into jewellery through designing bespoke pieces for friends and family. Anna has since had a number of shops in Sydney, allowing her to share her talents more broadly. 

Given the focus on nature, Anna Design Jewellery proudly values ethical, environmentally-friendly production, and ensures that these values are also held by any suppliers we work with. All sterling silver is sustainably sourced, and we use 3 micron 24 kt gold vermeil. We are also using recycled seaweed instead of plastics. 



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